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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Does Iseman Homes have any job opportunities?

A.  Yes!  Whether you are just starting, or looking for a change, joining the Iseman family might be for you.  Job opportunities exist for both SALES or SERVICE.  Send your information and resume' to jbourne@isemanhomes.com.

Q. What is represented by the "Price"

A. Since the computer department can't possibly keep up with various discounts, incentives, specials, closeouts, sales and reductions from branch to branch, the price on new homes is the full retail as received from the manufacturer. Contact us with any specific questions regarding available discounts.  Special pricing may be provided in the descriptions from time to time.  While we attempt to stay current and accurate, we cannot guarantee any part of this website.

Q. What is "Standard Delivery and Set Up"?

A. Pretty much all sales center display homes include this feature, (and is indicated on each listing page).  This is the transport of the floor or floors to your site up to 100 miles one-way (*a nominal per-mile charge applies beyond 100 miles).  Blocking on supplied blocks, leveling of the unit. Hookup of water and sewer and heat taping of water lines above ground level to the home 20' max (if applicable). Roof and end-wall close up, carpet seaming, lagging floors and roof lines and interior and exterior trim-out (multi-section homes).  *Currently $5 per mile per floor (which can vary regionally).  So 50 extra miles (150 miles from sales center) is $250 per floor.

UNLESS SPECIFIED units that are already set up for occupancy do not include standard delivery and re-set.  The cost of those services (if the home is available to be relocated) can be negotiated at time of purchase.

Q. Are your new homes manufactured or modular construction?

A. Both.  The inventory on our pages here are mainly HUD coded, manufactured housing.  If the home is IRC (modular) construction it will almost always be mentioned in the descriptions. Almost ALL manufactured homes can be built to IRC standards, and MOST IRC's can be built to "HUD" (manufactured home) standards. More details on difference between manufactured and modular homes can be found here.

Q. Do you sell homes into Canada?

A. You bet! Currently, Highland Manufacturing is the builder that does construction to CSA code. They can build custom plans too!  There are a number of differences in the way a delivery is handled for Canadian destinations. Just contact us to obtain further details.

Q. Are appliances included?

A. New homes typically are equipped with a Refrigerator, Range, Water Heater and Furnace. Many include a dishwasher and often incorporate micro-wave ovens as well.  Homes can be equipped with washers, dryers, tv's, etc.  Those can all be options of course...if included with a home, the description information will usually say so.  * Homes to be placed on basements where the furnace and water heater are to be located generally do not include those appliances (or ductwork).  This may vary by plan and manufacturer.

Q. What's the difference between IRC and HUD?

A. There are several small differences. One main difference is IRC homes are transported on a removable steel frame. The steel frame beneath a HUD home stays affixed after setup. International Residential Code "IRC" (aka "modular") can be placed anywhere since they are built to meet specific state building code requirements. Generally an IRC home will be more expensive than a HUD (Federally coded) home. We'd be happy to answer any additional questions you might have.

Q. What is "Basement Ready" and are all your homes "Basement Ready"?

A. Now THERE'S a question! From a technical standpoint, all of our new homes (and many used homes too) can be PLACED over a basement, (regardless of the code). We at Iseman consider a home "basement ready" when it has an INTERIOR STAIRWELL or provision for one. However, a home without a stairwell can accommodate a basement entry provided outside the "footprint" of the home. We'd be happy to answer these questions in more detail.

Q. Do your homes come with free a/c?

A. No. Most things in this world aren't "free" and we've decided not to pretend they are. YOU get to choose what you do or don't want.  It's your house...you decide what you may or may not need.

Q. What is your warranty?

A. WE, (as a dealer) have no new home warranties. Warranties are supplied by the builder of your new home and by suppliers of constituent parts. Generally this is for a period of 1 year and 10 days from date of retail delivery. Other warranties included, as example are appliance warranties, shingle warranties, etc.  Some of our builders have a limited 10 year added structural warranty. WE, (as a dealer) do provide an extended service protection plan with most new home sales. This program provides an additional 6 years protection for most home components (after the initial 1 year warranty expires from the builder and/or suppliers). Be sure to ask us about this program as some limitations apply. Used homes are sold without warranty expressed or implied.

Q. I have a "plan" I drew on the back of a napkin last week. Can you build it for me?

A. Most likely, yes. Your drawing would be submitted to the most appropriate builder for a quote. This can generally be accomplished within 5 working days. An actual engineered drawing of your concept would not be made until you've committed to building.

Q. I liked a couple of homes on your site, but would like to make a few color changes. Can I do that, and if so, what changes and how long would it take to get my house from the time I ordered?

A. MANY homes are special ordered based on homes we have displayed. To steal a line from Burger King, "Have it your way" is perfectly fine. An example of choices to be made, (just from a color standpoint) would include vinyl flooring, siding color, trim color, roof color, carpet color, countertop color, accent wall color (where applicable), appliance color...not to mention all the TYPES and options! J

As for the amount of time from the moment a special order is placed to the time it arrives...that all depends on the time of year, the builder and kind of house. We recommend you always have housing available to you past any projected delivery dates.

Q. I want to put an IRC modular on a basement...do you do that work as part of your service?

A. We aren't house movers, however, will work with local trade professionals in all aspects of the building and delivery process. IRC basement ready homes are sold with a crane "allowance", (currently up to $4,000). This is used to pay for a crane and operator and or a house mover and roll-over equipment. You can be in charge of as much or as little of your building process as you desire.  When a home is destined for a basement set and the furnace or water heater are to be located in the lower level, "your" third party HVAC / Plumbing professional will be required to perform the work, including any piping, gas line and duct work installation.

Q. Can I order a house with extra windows and how much would it cost?

A. So long as a request does not infringe on code requirements, most options are "open game". The cost of windows is available at the time of ordering.

Q. Do your homes qualify for VA, FHA and state housing programs?

A. Yes. Manufactured (HUD) homes are coded to Federal requirements so Federal loan programs are available. Likewise IRC (International Residential Code) built to state specs.

Q. I'm moving to Utah...can you deliver the house there and how much is freight?

A. Yes and "don't know". HUD and IRC homes are built to travel many, many hundreds of miles. That said, the answer to the cost depends on the factory, the size and weight of the house, the location of the final delivery site, etc. The delivered price of your home would be in your finalized quote.

* Please note that freight and lumber are probably the two most ever-changing numbers in this or any similar industry. A "per mile" quote today might be completely different a month from now.

Q. What is the insulation in your homes.

A. That can vary somewhat from builder to builder...however, ALL new Iseman homes have 6" wall construction standard, providing a minimum of R-19. An example of typical insulation "standard" would be R-14 floor, R-19 wall and R22 ceiling. ISEMAN minimum standards for the same home would be 21-19-30...and in many cases higher. That happens to be a home from Highland Manufacturing, but you get the idea. Being an upper Midwest company, we have a tendency to think in terms of higher R-values, greater snow-loads, etc.

Q. Why don't some of the square footage amounts seem to add up with the size of the house?

A. Some builders provide sizes in terms of the D.O.T. requirement, (department of transportation), others provide "box sizes." The DOT requires that the length and width of EVERYTHING be counted. So a 4' hitch on an 80' long home means the home actual outside length of that home is 76'. Another builder might refer to it as a 16x76! Neither is wrong but it can be slightly confusing sometimes.

Q. What is "Land-Home financing?"

A. Much like it sounds. It includes the home, land and improvements (if any). If you already OWN the land, this can be used as ready-made equity (in lieu of cash)...or the package can include the house, land and improvements as any new construction financing might. As always, such financing is subject to approved credit.  We work with a licensed loan originator/broker to find the best financing solutions for you.

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Whether you are just starting, or looking for a change, joining the Iseman family might be for you.  Job opportunities exist for both SALES or SERVICE.  Click here to send information and resume'